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In 1996 we started the first tipi campsite in the UK, and people have been coming to Cornish Tipi Holidays as a real away from it all destination ever since.

As a married couple ourselves, we understand the romance – and the potential stress – of deciding to get married. It’s a great time but also a scary one. Where do we get married? What size wedding? Who shall we invite? How will it all work?

Well, we didn’t set out to be wedding planners, but found that the beauty & privacy of our site started to attract couples who felt that we could provide  something genuinely different for their big day.

It's also become clear that there is a real desire for weddings with a strong spiritual element and a sense of place that isn’t being catered for through the traditional routes of Church, Registry Office or smart hotel.

Lots of people really want to celebrate their love in a more imaginative way & they want their union celebrated outside – not just outside the dusty confines as above – but outside in the living breathing environment with the magical four elements of air, fire, earth & water.

“...we had an amazing day and so did all family & our friends, ’best wedding ever’ is what we keep hearing, so I don’t think it could have gone any better than that!”
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Pictures: Green Photographic, Appleby Images, Khalile Siddiqui, Matt Jessop, Emma Bradshaw, Sandra Lane,
Jon & Candice Sims, Elizabeth Tom, Rob Cousins, Rupert Tenison, Daniel Start, Andrea Michele.