memorial ceremonies


Here’s a more sombre, but equally important task. When you want to do and say something special for and about a loved one, church, chapel or mosque is no longer the place that everyone turns to automatically. Although our society has moved away from the traditional way of doing things, not all of our methods have kept up. This means that when a friend or member of the family dies, you’re often left with little option whether you or they held religious beliefs or not.

Funerals & memorials tend to be in places of worship, or crematoria – grim places at the best of times.  There are some green burial sites beginning to operate in the UK but they can seem a little too casual; sometimes they started life as a pet cemetery, and however valiant the efforts of the friends & family gathered to pay their respects, with readings, music etc they can seriously lack the serenity and gravitas that  you would typically get in a church.

We can provide that dignity, in a place that’s as good to say goodbye as it is to say hello.

“You can see the stars at night and the sun & clouds drifting across the sky by day, the woods are deep & peaceful and the lake water always beautiful”.
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