naming ceremonies


Naming ceremonies, the civil equivalent of a christening (and yes it does sound nicer, but we can’t call it that) are just a lovely thing to be involved in. Proud parents and bouncing babies, Grand & Godparents (interestingly, they’re still called that), lots of little people running about excitedly – once again our pavilion and surrounding stream, meadows & trees provide the perfect setting for what is usually the new addition’s first proper party – and one where they’re the star.

Of course you haven’t got to be a baby to be officially named; quite often now parents will welcome older children formally into everyone’s lives this way as well, either by themselves or perhaps with a younger sibling.

"Thank you for a fabulous day – the baby is well & truly named! The decision to come to you rather than the traditional christening in Church was definitely the right one despite some initial rumblings from the Grandparents. My partner and I felt that it was truly the day we wanted to welcome our baby in to the world".
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