renewal of vows


You can go just about anywhere to do this now; West Africa, the Bahamas, the parish church you originally got married in – or maybe a more radical move. Unfortunately it took us a while to realize how perfect our hidden valley is for bridal couples, so we weren’t here for some of you the first time round. We’re hoping to put that right though, by offering a really special set up for your renewal of vows. Somewhere that encapsulates the sort of life you lead and the people you are, but perhaps you weren’t able to express that completely through your wedding at the time.

"The location was so memorable and romantic, and your support helping with the arrangements and then making sure everything went to plan (and sorting it out when it wasn’t!) was reassuring and invaluable".
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Pictures: Green Photographic, Appleby Images, Khalile Siddiqui, Matt Jessop, Emma Bradshaw, Sandra Lane,
Jon & Candice Sims, Elizabeth Tom, Rob Cousins, Rupert Tenison, Daniel Start, Andrea Michele.