your wedding

Your Wedding

There’s been a revolution in the world of weddings recently. Suddenly weddings are all about the bridal couple and the way they choose to live & marry.

You’d think this was always how it was meant to be, but in the past it didn’t always work out that way.

The best day of your life was often more about the parents who were paying for it, Great-Aunt Martha’s dislike of foreign food and not upsetting the vicar!

Thankfully things have changed and now it’s personal – weddings are more & more a reflection of the happy pair themselves; romantic, green, fun.

“The venue made the ceremony really intimate and so unique."
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For some brides its all about making an entrance; and with us you can choose just about any which way. We’ve had amazing arrivals by classic VW camper, by bike, (motor not push, although that would be sweet), we’ve got a bride who’s planning hers..

reception & parties

We’ve got a little system that works really well at our venue. You know that slightly awkward and annoying interlude when people come out of church or registry office and lots of the congregation end up standing around for ages while everyone goes crazy with the cameras...

the day before & after

After getting everybody organized you may want to extend your celebrations to the day before & after your wedding day. You’ve got the gathering of the clans the night before, perhaps in time for a family supper at a restaurant or pub, or just a big cook out...

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