We’re planning a tiny/medium/huge wedding, is that ok?

From 2 to 200+ we’re happy for your wedding to be whatever size you like (350 is about our limit if you want to go all out)

We want to get married with you but have our reception somewhere else?

If you’ve already got somewhere even more special to you to hold your reception, but want to have your ceremony by our bubbling stream then we’re happy for you to marry in our Pavilion for 50% of our costs detailed on brass tacks

We want to get married in church but have our reception with you?

If you’ve got your heart set on marrying elsewhere, but want to come to us for your party of a lifetime then its 80% of the costs detailed on brass tacks

When can we get into the venue to start doing our decorating and finishing touches?

Usually from 4pm on the day before your ceremony, unless another wedding is booked on that day, when times will have to be discussed. Slightly earlier times may be possible by prior arrangement

Can we arrive at our ceremony by classic camper/vintage car/motorbike/horse & carriage?

Sounds great, we’d love you arrive by any of the ways listed above or any other wild ideas you may have...

What about my Granny/Grandpa/older family members?

Older guests are often a really important part of the day, and we always help in any way we can for example with a driver.

What about disabled guests, my friend’s broken ankle, my Mum’s knee operation?

Disabled couples or guests, whatever their age or requirements are as important as everybody else and we're really keen to help in any way we can.

Will my heavily pregnant sister be ok sleeping in a tipi?

The answer to this one depends entirely on your sister… we think being heavily pregnant/with a newborn baby in a tipi is fine – but it’s not for everyone

Are babies and small children welcome?

Absolutely, & they love it!

Can we bring our dog(s) or any other pet?

Sorry, not under any circumstances, unless a guide or support dog; or playing a role in the ceremony such as ringbearer (yes, we’re serious) or a bride arriving on horseback (in which case dog or pony would arrive & leave again at specific times - not stay on site)

What happens if it rains?

Don't worry if the weather doesn't play ball on your big day... although you may need umbrellas to get between the wedding pavilion and your marquee (and during your funky photo shoot), if you have more guests than will comfortably fit into the wedding pavilion we can keep your guests dry during the ceremony with extra tented space around the outside

We want to make a weekend of it, not just the ceremony & a party in one day; how does that work?

Our venue is an ideal place to have a weekend wedding or mid week celebration for several days

We want to do everything in one day, can we just stay one night?

No problem with the wedding couple spending just one night but we do have a minimum stay of 2 nights for everyone else in our fully equipped tipis. Wild campers can stay 1 night or many - but most guests stay a min of 2 nights as friends & family usually like to arrive & settle in the day before the wedding

How much is tipi accommodation / wild camping for our guests?

Please check www.cornishtipiholidays.co.uk  for latest accommodation prices, & don’t forget your guests will be entitled to a discount if booking a tipi, they just need to let us know that they're coming to your wedding

Have you got nice hotels / B&B’s / holiday cottages nearby for can’t camp/won’t camp?

Yes there's lots of lovely other accommodation in our area... just give us a call for more info

If you haven’t got any electricity, how will we do hair & make up/use our hairdryers/straighteners/ iron our clothes etc on the day?

Thanks to festival fun there's lots of portable stuff on the market now, including hairdryers, curling tongs & straighteners etc. Sometimes our wedding parties will visit a hairdresser to be spruced up, or we can recommend mobile hair & beauty to come to you. For weddings of 100+ we'll arrange a pop up parlour for all of you who want a getting ready area - one of our heavy duty gazebos with table/chairs/mirrors - perfect for doing hair & make up.

Can we have confetti after our ceremony?

Yes no problem - just make sure its bio-degradable - please no metallic stars!


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