There’s been a revolution in the world of weddings recently. Suddenly weddings are all about the bridal couple and the way they choose to live & marry.

You’d think this was always how it was meant to be, but in the past it didn’t always work out that way.

The best day of your life was more often about the parents who were paying for it, Grandma's dislike of foreign food and not upsetting the vicar!

Thankfully things have changed and now it’s personal – weddings are more a reflection of who you are; romantic, outdoorsy, fun.


You can have a whimsical wedding, a quirky wedding, a wedding with loads of fun and personality - but for a legally binding wedding ceremony you will have to follow the Registrars rules - which means no drinks in the ceremony area beforehand (sorry folks) and no prayers whatever your religion...

Two Registrars will come out on the wedding day & lead your exchange of vows in our lovely wedding pavilion, surrounded by water and trees - if you want an outdoor wedding ceremony we ask you to stand just under the archway to make sure its all legal, with your guests seated outside - if an outside wedding ceremony isn't quite so crucial then you're probably best off in the pavilion under our big Moroccan lantern or a huge fresh flowerball.

Twenty minutes later you'll be outside in the great outdoors with confetti and wedding photos a gogo.


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