Our fully licensed wedding pavilion deep in the heart of a secret valley is the closest you’ll get to an outdoor wedding ceremony in England & Wales, and we're open every year for wildly romantic weddings from Easter to end of September-ish.

Our hidden 16 acres is clothed in ferns & bluebells, ancient oaks & meadowsweet, and we’ll arrange your fairytale day for 20 people or 220 people with a matchless backdrop of woodland & sky, shimmering lake water and magical Cornish earth.

Ceremony & Reception

You'll walk through the woods down a light dappled path then over the stream & down to our pavilion of canvas & willow. It’s bordered on 2 sides by the stream & under a great ash tree. There’s daisies and buttercups, pink campions, meadowsweet and lacy white rounds of cow parsley. Hazel, willow and oak are watched by the elder, guardian of the woods. Giant ferns and hart’s tongue give a feel of another time, another place. This is where our legally binding ceremonies take place - but if you've already tied the knot elsewhere (often with our overseas couples) then you can have a totally personalized ceremony out on the grass or of course lakeside.

You'll seat 50 guests in comfort inside the pavilion, with another 50 on the decking outside. If your wedding is 100+ then we'll arrange more seating outside - we’ve got around 100 turquoise & more plain wooden ones, or you could hire in something totally different. Straw bales with coloured rugs look rustic on the grass for bigger numbers.    

You'll have space for the Registrars (the two Council officers who officially marry you), make sure you contact them pronto to arrange your ceremony date & time ceremonies@registration.cornwall.gov.uk or 0300 1234181. There's room for musicians, perhaps a full size piano or Celtic harp. Big clear windows are stitched into the canvas which roll up nicely in sunny weather letting in the sounds of water & birdsong. Big beams & cross members in the roof are perfect for decoration, whether its a simple strand of white wedding bunting, a twist of wild ivy or more elaborate floral work.

One thing worth pointing out here is that we always make provision for anyone with mobility issues (or just really high Jimmy Choo’s) & provide a car & driver (usually our family car) to take them to and fro according to your wedding timetable. Ceremonies tend to take place early to mid afternoon with your reception in the main marquee closing down at midnight.

Opposite the pavilion sits our biggest tipi, the Grand Lodge – a great focal point for any event, & a perfect cocktail tent for post-ceremony drinks & canapes. We've got other heavy duty gazebos we can put up for wet weather days or to protect musicians etc (string quartets are very particular about their instruments getting damp).

After about an hour and a half in this lovely glade its up to the marquee meadow for your main reception; speeches and hugging, dining and dancing until midnight. There'll be room on the marquee lawn for little people to run and play and the big firepit will be lit at dusk so you can come outside and sit round the fire with a drink, maybe with marshmallows on sticks, all under the stars...


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